A Reno McCarthy Thriller

November 2003

Published by iUniverse


How do you solve a murder nobody wants solved and catch a killer nobody wants caught?


When a woman with explosive secrets is murdered, City Hall orders a cover up. But fired TV reporter Reno McCarthy has never been politically correct. Reno's out for justice and he won't back off---even if it means a showdown with a brutal manipulator intent on turning Chicago into a branch office of the Russian mob.


Reno's city is on the verge of a 21st Century mob war; one that will make the Roaring Twenties seem like a cap gun fight.


It's summer in Chicago. It's supposed to be cooler by the lake.


Not this summer.



"Cummings creates believable characters and situations. Reno is well drawn and has real depth. Reno also has a decent understanding of what makes his fellow humans tick."   Reviewing the


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From Booklist

*Starred Review*

The trick to writing a mystery starring an amateur sleuth is to find a credible way of getting your accidental/part-time detective to stumble over a body or two or to be asked, by virtue of said detective's real line of work, to investigate a crime. Cummings, crime reporter for WGN Radio News based in Chicago (see "Story behind the Story" on the opposite page), has hit upon a marvelous way of channeling his own wealth of crime scene and media expertise into the character of an ideal sleuth, an investigative journalist. Reno McCarthy, fired on a boss' whim from his old job as an ace TV investigative reporter, languishes as an FM morning news anchor. When an old colleague dangles the chance for Reno to get his old job back if he can do a discreet investigation, Reno lets desperation win over good sense and starts chasing down leads. The assignment? Find the call girl who called the station ready to spill about a Chicago Outfit-backed escort service but then disappeared. Exploding with murders, accidents, and threats, the plot is gasp producing but always believable. Holding it all together are Cummings' insider knowledge about the Chicago Outfit, the new phenomenon of Russian Organized Crime, cop-shop atmosphere, crime-scene protocol, and newsroom workings. Cummings uses Chicago as a sometimes glitzy, sometimes grim backdrop to the action. A street-smart and altogether satisfying debut.
Connie Fletcher


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