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As a federal agent, Harry Cork once let rage carry him over the edge. Now, he’s deputy police chief in a small Chicago suburb. When a no-nonsense judge and her teenage daughter are shot to death in their driveway,
the young man caught fleeing the scene is a logical suspect. He comes from a family of street thugs . . .
and was dating the murdered girl over her mother’s objections. But Harry thinks the killings are far more than fallout from a domestic dispute.


Aided by a secretive FBI agent with his own agenda, a Chicago cop, and a tough TV anchorman, Harry uncovers an international conspiracy . . . and gets a threat from his past . . . that could destroy his future


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What People Are Saying

"The action is so vivid, it's like you're watching it in a theatre; the characters walk right off the page. You'll feel as if you've been to Lake County, ridden shotgun in Harry's squad car, dodged bullets by his side, peeped in on his romantic liaisons, and glimpsed the horrors of human carnage that a lifetime in law enforcement has imprinted into his memory." - Rebecca M. Hale, New York Times bestselling author of the Cats and Curios mystery series.


"A hammer strike on every page! One of the most gripping crime yarns ever, and I read them by the bushel basket. Doug Cummings is a master of the genre." -  Shane Gericke, No. 1 Kindle bestselling author of Torn Apart


"Genuine characters in real settings. Cummings has plenty to say about hard working investigators, bureaucrats without backbones, and the
meddlesome media."  -  Linda Mickey, author of the Kyle Shannon mysteries

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