A Reno McCarthy Novel

June 2008

Five Star


When the son of celebrity attorneys is murdered in the upscale Chicago suburb of Falcon Ridge, police make an arrest within hours. But Chicago TV reporter Reno McCarthy thinks they've closed the case too soon. As the body count begins to rise, Reno discovers a community steeped in corruption and greed, a startling link to secrets of the past, and a psychopath lurking in the shadows who's planning to make Reno's next live shot... his last...

"Cummings, an ex-cop and ex-reporter, delivers breathless authenticity in this expose of suburbia's
dark underside."    
David Morrell, bestselling author of Creepers


". . . run -- don't walk -- to buy a copy of Every Secret Crime. The prose and dialogue are spare and crisp, the police and video production procedures ring true and teach us something, too. An absolutely enthralling crime novel."    
Jeremiah Healy, author of Turnabout and The Only Good Lawyer


"Doug Cummings is the real deal, a writer who comes at Chicago with a reporter's gift for telling detail and a novelist's gift for gripping prose."     Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune

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From Booklist

"The author of Deader by the Lake (2003) returns with his Reno McCarthy series, which begins with a creepy prologue that will suck readers in and keep them guessing as to how it fits into the rest of the story. Still plagued by nightmares concerning his killing of a Russian mobster, Chicago TV journalist McCarthy once again becomes involved in murder, nasty power plays, and politics. This time the venue is the city’s suburbs, and the crime has roots in events that happened more than 25 years before. The murder of the teenage son of a well-known Chicago media couple brings the expected gathering of reporters to the victim’s posh home, but Reno detects more than the usual reticence on the part of local cops, suggesting that someone has a hidden agenda. The strings Cummings pulls to bring his complicated plot together occasionally show, but McCarthy has the makings of a fine series character: he’s a sexy, emotionally vulnerable reporter with an active conscience as well
as a nose for news, half-truths, and lies."


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