Intuition, Situational Awareness, and Staying Safe


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Intuition, Situational Awareness and Staying Safe is a handbook that teaches you to protect yourself … sharpening skills you already possess.


Intuition is your brain’s intrinsic self-defense mechanism. Like any security system, however, it requires monitoring to be effective.  Ignoring that basic survival instinct is like muting the buzzer on a smoke detector. How can it warn you if you can’t hear it?


ESCAPING THE O-ZONE offers common sense tactics for opening your instinctual channels  . . . at home, at work, on the bike path, on public transportation, in office buildings, behind the wheel and walking
down the street.



The number one thing NOT to do when you go jogging

How to tell if your next date could be an abuser

How to spot a crime in progress

How to watch for danger in a crowd

How to evaluate an Internet date


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What People Are Saying

"Escaping the O Zone could very well be the key to survival in a world of ever-increasing violence." -- Lee Lofland, author of Police Procedure and Investigation, A Guide For Writers, and founder and director of the Writers' Police Academy.


"Clear, concise, and possibly the most important thing you will ever read. The personal stories bring the issues a bit closer to the reader, and remind us that bad situations can happen to good people. Not only does the manual offer invaluable safety tips, it also challenges us to become more engaged in our daily activities, and develop awareness for our surroundings that could save a life. A quick read, but definitely a must-read for everyone." - Holly Gerardi, Doctoral Candidate and Insturctor, Dept. of Governmental and International Affairs. University of South Florida.


"Having seen the result, for nearly forty years, when complaisance meets carnivore, I can't recommend Doug Cumming's safety handbook in strong enough terms. It is densely written and wide-ranging." - Rany Hendershot, Law enforcement professional and black belt karate instructor.

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